Intellipoint™ Access Control Features

• Endless expandability to an unlimited number of doors and access points
• Easily integrated with video surveillance systems, sensors and other building management subsystems
• The most cost effective keyless entry solution to operate from a power usage standpoint

Total Solution
IP-to-the-Door access control solution includes the Intellipoint™ Reader-Controller hardware and professional-grade access control management software- the Intellipoint ™ Access Control System and Security Management Module (available in several languages)

Reduced Hardware Cost
The Intellipoint ™ Reader-Controller is an IP Based combination of control panel and smart reader functionality which translates into a significantly lower hardware cost compared to the legacy panel-based systems.

No External Power Source
The Intellipoint ™ Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities eliminate the need for an external power source or additional wiring for powering the access control system, door strikes or other ancillary devices.

Intellipoint™ provides a platform for the interconnectivity of a multitude of components and devices which may include:
1. Reader-Controllers
2. Communication devices
3. Management software
4. Key FOB
5. Proximity readers
6. Door Strikes
7. Power supplies
8. DVR and NVR
9. Computers
10. Servers

Intellipoint ™ Access Control System and Security Management Module features:

1. Monitors access and regulates entry at controlled doors and access points
2. Arm or disarm key fob proximity sensors remotely
3. Site activity recorded and maintained in the system database
4. Reports alarm conditions
5. Off-site email notification
6. DVR and NVR integration
8. Control external devices connected to the system
9. Key FOB and ID badge verification.

Access Control Management and Activity Reports
The Intellipoint™ database management system provides the user with the ability to produce site activity reports of the following types:

1. Engress/Egress Reports
2. Alarm Reports
3. Cumulative enter and exit Reports (optional)
4. ID Badge Status Reports
5. Filtered reports
6. Cardholder status reports