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Today, dramatic differences in the capabilities of video surveillance systems are evident in the mainstream hardware solutions currently available on the market. The most ubiquitous of these are the "economy grade", low-cost versions that attract price conscious buyers and serve as low-end replacements for legacy DVR systems. These systems are typically not easily and seamlessly integrated into existing surveillance architectures. Users are often disappointed with their limited capabilities, rendering them ineffective in response to more demanding circumstances.

WAVSTV is a singular solution, whereby the ability of hardware and software components to harmoniously work routine functions together can be the difference between near perfect or serious failure in a troublesome physical environment. Therefore, the high-quality next-generation WAVSTV Network Video Recorders contain qualitatively unique industrial grade components.

In many cases, the best solution to a surveillance challenge is not available off-the-shelf. High-Quality Network Video Recorders, such as the WAVSTV NVR solution, run off of the latest Linux platforms and are cautiously integrated and meticulously configured in order to achieve optimum results.

The planning and installation of infrastructure for new and existing surveillance applications can become a significant challenge to an organization. Fundamental evaluations of the tremendous numbers of available systems is a complex business that requires vigilance and unwavering purchasing criteria and quality control requirements.

Businesses must factor into their investment not only the initial price of a digital video storage system, but also the cost of ensuring that those systems provide the highest level of reliability and functionality. The manner in which a system is designed and assembled becomes a much greater issue than its intended functionality, for only through careful examination and understanding of the “parts” can one be sure that the “whole” will not be compromised.

In short, there are cavernous differences in Network Video Storage systems. When the tested reliability of most low end or off-the-shelf systems is analyzed, most are of questionable utility at best. In many ways, buying a video Surveillance system is quite similar to making any other significant investment... the more one knows about the product, the better one’s chances are of making the right purchasing decision for their company. Contact us today.

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