A new Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) product has been launched by Wide Area Video Surveillance offering its customers access to its recently acquired network cloud servers and ground-breaking video management software, eliminating the need for on-site customer owned network video recorders and surveillance equipment.

This revolutionary “ready-to-use” video surveillance technology means that customers can now access cameras installed on-site at their locations remotely from anywhere, as they would if the core recording equipment were installed on their own premise. The service is not reliant upon expensive-to-install hardware technology or video management solutions and software owned by the end-user. A negligible monthly fee is paid by the customer to access the cloud-based services eliminating the expenditure and rapid obsolescence inherent in most of today’s mainstream video surveillance infrastructures.

VsaaS is a comprehensive intelligent digital video solution because it includes the building blocks of legacy video surveillance systems and is integrated alongside other emerging technologies such as push video alerts, smart recording, video analytics, etc. – all controlled and operated in a single and secure off-site ecosystem.Are you ready to migrate to the VSaaS cloud or seeking a new Video surveillance provider? Contact us for information about our cloud hosting services and advanced solutions today.